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Original Oil Paintings: Landscapes & Seascapes
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Sunset Snow
Sunset Snow
Train through Hollister Ranch
Train through Hollister Ranch   Sold
Solo   Sold
Calm   Sold
Joy of the Moment
Joy of the Moment   Sold
Destination Hollister
Destination Hollister   Sold
Laguna Seas
Laguna Seas   Sold
The Walk Back
The Walk Back   Sold
Young Man and the Sea
Young Man and the Sea   Sold
Let There Be Trout
Let There Be Trout   Sold
Tahiti Sunset II
Tahiti Sunset II   Sold
Winter Approaches
Winter Approaches   Sold
Flying Home
Flying Home   Sold
Sunset at the Wall
Sunset at the Wall   Sold
Paris   Sold
Eden Meadow
Eden Meadow   Sold
From the Wharf
From the Wharf   Sold
Island Dream
Island Dream   Sold
We've Got the Whole Beach
We've Got the Whole Beach   Sold
City Lights from Butterfly
City Lights from Butterfly   Sold
Evening Over Santa Barbara
Evening Over Santa Barbara   Sold
A Slice of Heaven, Utah
A Slice of Heaven, Utah   Sold
Dream Upon Dream
Dream Upon Dream   Sold
Devereux   Sold
Evening Glow, Utah
Evening Glow, Utah   Sold
Barn at Arroya Honda
Barn at Arroya Honda   Sold
Sunset from Playground
Sunset from Playground   Sold
Clouds Descending, Utah
Clouds Descending, Utah   Sold
Dusk Falls on the City II
Dusk Falls on the City II   Sold
Valley Views
Valley Views   Sold
Here Comes the Sun
Here Comes the Sun   Sold
Lori's Painting
Lori's Painting   Sold
Solitude   Sold
Vision   Sold
Morning Sea
Morning Sea   Sold
Hendry's Beach
Hendry's Beach   Sold
Sunset, Upper Ridge
Sunset, Upper Ridge   Sold
Pineview Sentinel
Pineview Sentinel   Sold
Butterfly Beach Glow
Butterfly Beach Glow   Sold
Wind on the Water, Hollister
Wind on the Water, Hollister   Sold
Las Cruces
Las Cruces   Sold
Tahiti Sunset
Tahiti Sunset   Sold
From the Countryclub
From the Countryclub   Sold
Palms at Sunset
Palms at Sunset   Sold
Cachuma Calm
Cachuma Calm   Sold
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