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Lifestyle Portraits

Will's Sweet Spot, 30 x 40, Oil on Canvas.

I am very excited to let you all know about something I've been doing for years - and I'm calling it "Lifestyle Portraits". I have been commissioned many times to create a painting of someone doing something they love. Most often it is a VERY special gift that a client wants to give to a family member or special person. Often it is of children or grandchildren, based on a special photo. But it is also a very fun way to have a painting of something YOU love to do, or a special memory of a vacation, trip, etc. Though I am able to do "formal" portraits, these "lifestyle" portraits have proven to be super fun and meaningful.

Baby Lucy, 14 x 11 Oil, on Canvas.

I can create a Lifestyle Portrait in either watercolor or oil, and you see a variety of examples on this page. As you can see, sometimes the figures are fairly small in a larger setting, which encompasses more of the landscape. Giclees of the original can be made for other family members or friends, or to place in different homes you own.

Let's talk about a project that would give you and your loved ones special joy! 805-451-1288 [email protected]

Campbell Family at 'Poko

Medefinds on Santa Barbara Beach, 48 x 32, Oil on Canvas.

Dana and Daniel, 20 x 16, Oil on Canvas.

Jaegar Boys on the Beach. 20 x 16. Oil on Canvas.

Pool Chat, 16 x 12, Oil on Panel.

Rachael Surfing, 14 x 11, Watercolor.

Summer Fun, 14 x 11, Oil on Canvas.

Two Sisters on a Ladder, 12 x 16, Watercolor.

Surfin' Kids, 20 x 16, Watercolor.

Dad and Boys 11 x 14 Oil on Canvas Board.

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